Sterling Management – Property Management

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Sterling ManagementDependent upon the size of the building, Sterling will provide you the assurance that their team will see to it that your real estate property will be tenanted and maintained well with quality and well-screened tenants. For longer years, they have already served lots of real estate clients and customers. They are managing lots of rental apartment buildings with various owners. Aside from that, they are also providing an expert financial report for long-term investments. Sterling Management group can do lots of this with regards to real estate properties.

The rental buildings that they managed are all ensured to quality and trusted tenants. For them to make sure that their prospect tenants are qualified, there are assigned staffs who are responsible in verifying the references of the tenant, credit and employment background. Important details about the tenant are being checked so that your rental building will not be compromised. Also, the leases are being negotiated effectively, the rents are collected promptly and the suits of the individuals moving in and moving out are being inspected. They are also doing the process of representing owner in any matter or arbitration before residential Tenancy Branch moves. The Sterling Management Group is actively listing all the vacancies in their customized website, newspapers and online classifieds. Find Out More Sterling Management Here about their real estate services.

Financial Services

Sterling Management• Financial Statements – The computerized software used by the Sterling Management Group in Property Management helps them keep all the detailed transaction in a monthly basis. They are providing financial reports even month and especially if it is being requested by the owner. The entire financial statements and reports are sent digitally following PDF format. All the work recipes and orders are safely kept in a file all throughout the year.

• Accounting – The services offered vary depending on the wish of the owner. They are offering full accounting services along with state-of-the-art property management software and this includes disbursements and rent collections. They are also keeping trust account for the entire security deposits.

There are several reasons why you need to choose Sterling Management. They have this goal of ensuring that all their clients will be provided with long-term investment stability. They also want to make sure that as they are doing their jobs; their clients are also forming their own vision so that their property will really be at its best. Due to their commitment with on their work, excellence when it comes to property management, they have met all their goals and achieved their longed success.