Neil Dhillon as a Political Advisor

Tuesday , 28, July 2015 Comments Off on Neil Dhillon as a Political Advisor

Neil DhillonIf you are Neil Dhillon, you don’t need to have a crystal ball to see the future for yourself. This person has seen a close research of the previous and isolated history of the past. Knowing the executive and legislative division of the government is enough for Neil to calculate the elections. Neil is currently in the field and works for the Global Public Affairs consultant with NA Consulting Services having 30 years of expertise where he was a trusted advisor to Fortune 500 companies, foreign governments and trade groups.

From the year 1988 to 1993, Neil Dhillon performed and worked as the Chief of Staff for the former U.S. Congressman from California, Bob Matsui. Later on, the late U.S. President Bill Clinton recognized his effort and appointed him to the post of Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Government Affairs for the U.S. Department Transportation. The President Bill Clinton acknowledged and recognized him as the “Top Asian American Appointee” at a special ceremony in the White House.

Neil Dhillon precisely foretell the Republican success in the U.S. Senate last November, still when other analyst and advisors don’t agree with him. Neil also accurately foretells that the GOP would improve its greater part in the House of Representatives. He had created all of these foretells in just six months before the day of the Election.

Neil DhillonDhillon have faith in the public service as a tool of an efficient and successful Democracy. Although he had already transferred to the private sector, he nevertheless took that fundamental concept that committed and dedicated citizens in an open system like what they have now is fortunate enough to have in the United States. Neil has been very passionate to sharing his experience and knowledge to some of the significant people and organizations in the society that need his help. He started his time in Washington, D.C. in 1980, when he started his schooling at the American University, where he finished his Bachelor degree in Political Science in 1984.

This is no surprise that Neil Dhillon has the capability to foresee because of his wide experience for over 30 years in the national politics. As he knows, it is important to have a crisis management team in place, with the skilled and trained spokespersons. Having renowned for his problem-solving skills, particularly in solving legislative and regulatory issues, he believed that he might lead and manage public policy and advocacy programs efficiently.